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JoAnn Reed. Pat Robertson, Rita Bennett, Dede Robertson, are lives that have been lit by Jesus the "Light of the world." These leaders gathered together with several hundred other believers to celebrate the witness and archives of The Rev. Dr. Dennis J. Bennett, and Dr. William S. Reed, Surg., at Regent University Library, Virginia Beach, VA. These two men have been instrumental as spokesmen who prayed with  thousands of souls during their life times. 
Listen to Dr. Jack Hayford as he interviews Rita Bennett on near-death experiences from her book, To Heaven and Back.  Dr. Hayford wrote the forward for this book, and he asks some very interesting questions.  Also featured is Dr. Gerry Landry who is a contributing writer to the book, who tells his wonderful experience of coming back to life.  Please note that this video contains the full broadcasted program, so feel free to fast-forward to Rita's segment.  

Comment by Faye O.:  Hello Rita––I watched your TBN video with Pastor Jack––excellent!  6/19/14

Rita has written a sequel book entitled Heaven Tours--Astonishing Journeys which provides glimpses into eternity by sharing fascinating stories of people who have personally toured Heaven or had near-death experiences witnessing eternal glories and heavenly realities.  

Both books are available in our online bookstore. 

HEAVEN TO GAIN SERIES  •  Article 5 of 10
A Message for All at Heaven's Gates
I never thought about Heaven’s gate having a message for anyone until I interviewed Deborah O’Donnell, an Oregon music teacher. Deborah had nearly choked to death by inhaling debris being swept off her roof. She was unconscious around fifteen minutes, and realized upon awakening . . .
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Rita Bennett Ministries presents the
2015 Emotionally Free      National Seminars
Embassy Suites Hotel, Lynnwood, WA
July 22-23 (Basic) & July 24-25 (Advanced)
Are you looking for answers? 
God's purpose and leading in your life? 
Healing from trauma or abuse? 
Have happy and healthy relationships? Want to live life to the fullest spiritually? 
The Emotionally Free National Seminars are presented annually at Embassy Suites Hotel in Lynnwood, Washington.  Faith-based Counselor and Presenter, Dr. Rita Bennett will be teaching and counseling along with her team of interdenominational, experienced leadership. You will experience healing for your infancy, childhood, and adult memories, dysfunctional family systems, restoration of healing love in marriage, and healing from wounds in life will be addressed.  
Mark your calendars and save these dates:  July 22, 23, 24, 25