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by Dr. Rita Bennett  
ARTICLE 14  •  JULY 2017
Unfolding World Issues
As God's people, we must attempt to see and hear unfolding world issues from biblical perspectives and timing . . .   Click here to read more
Nine O’clock in the Morning written by the Rev. Dennis Bennett in 1970 is a life changing book available through his organization Christian Renewal Association Inc.. Since 1973, through the Encyclopedia Britannica, he is credited as “a major pioneer in the Charismatic Renewal,” a worldwide work of the Holy Spirit among Christians of all denominations.  

Dennis's autobiography, Nine O’clock in the Morning has been translated into 16 languages and has touched the lives of millions. Five of those books have been donated to Regent University’s Library Archives at Virginia Beach, VA in 2013. To view the video honoring his work, click here.

In addition to Dennis's autobiography, you can obtain the treasured Holy Spirit & You 9-CD Album on the Supernatural Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit. You can hear him teach you personally on one of his favorite subjects as he guides you in the Spirit–filled Life. There is also a great Holy Spirit and You Workbook available for individuals or groups. Also available is our Holy Spirit and You Overview CD to present to your small or large group. You can order these items plus much more by visiting our online bookstore. 

Since Dennis’s Homegoing in 1991, Rita Bennett continues the CRA Inc. non-profit interdenominational ministry. Her annual Emotionally Free Seminar is presented during the last week of July each year at Embassy-Suites Hotel in Lynnwood, WA. Keep checking our website for more details as they become available.   Dr. Rita Bennett, Litt.D. is an Inner Healing Prayer-Counselor Author, Teacher, and Counselor. She works with a team of trained professional counselors, lay and pastoral men and women during her seminars.
An Episcopal priest,
a spiritual wilderness,
and a couple who shared
the fire that led to a
longed-for renewal

Nine O'clock in the Morning 
tells the story of how the Charismatic Movement began and swept into churches across America.  Father Dennis is still hailed as one of the central figures in the early renewal movement.   This book is Dennis's testimony that God can and will release His power to His people if we allow Him to truly become the King of our lives.

"Today's generation needs the power of the Holy Spirit to protect them from a secular culture which promotes life without God. This book will change the lives of young and old alike.  
I highly recommend it."
Dr. Paul Crouch, TBN 
A Day of Pentecost--Now More Than Ever

Please join me Thursday, July 27th at Embassy Suites Hotel in Lynnwood, Washington for a "Spectacular Day of the Power of Pentecost" -- needed now, more than ever!  We have three wonderful main events which include: 

July 27  •  11:30 am - 5:00 pm
Embassy Suites Hotel
Lynnwood, Washington 98036
now more than ever

now more than ever
R I T A   B E N N E T T   P R E S E N T S
  • Gourmet Taco Salad Buffet Luncheon with chicken, beef and an array of fresh toppings, along with cheese-cake for dessert, and beverages. You will love our spirit-filled guest speakers!
  • Special Prayer for Your Pentecost Experience  following our four distinguished guest speakers.
  • Private Prayer-Counseling Session with trained counselors for inner healing issues and needs. Seats     will be limited to this one-day event, so sign up today      to reserve your place.